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This is just a temporary placeholder for something big to come... Meanwhile please stroll on ;)

Nevertheless if you are still here and read this: My name is Ekkehard Brüggemann, born 1971. I live in north germany near the city of hamburg. My original profession is special educations teacher dealing with a love-hate relationship with information techology in general which started to develop in the demoscene during the 1980th, the digital underground of 8bit machines. Before I decided to become a teacher, I worked for several years in the computer games industry (PR and marketing) and just before the dotcom crash in the twothousands, I founded a company dealing with virtual reality technology..

I am still gathering energy by working on the issues of today's and yesterday's challenges of a variety of digital systems, I am very interested in internet politics and the concerns of the digital society and I am always willing to actively discuss these issues.

Today I work more or less fulltime as a media consultant for the NLQ (Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung) of lower saxony, north germany and multiplicate the world of media technology to schools and teachers. For NLQ I work with a group of educators from lower saxony repsonsible for inclusion and media technology and also consult to the media ethics group of NLQ in general. Additionally I'm responsible as the head of the municipal Media Center of Landkreis Harburg which is lead by the school departement of our district.

For the NLQ I operate the so-called VR Lab at the Media Center - a laboratory for virtual reality technology in the interface to education. In addition, I deal with subtractive and additive digital manufacturing processes (3D printing, laser cutting), teach and learn with and through robotics a lot about programming and find everything that deals with "digital self-defense" useful - even if it's almost hopeless today... I am not averse to the computer game, love to take old and new consoles apart and to hack a bit here and there. The Rapsberry PI is a good friend - he is used for some things in my home and in educational settings.

On a charitable base i work for the public demoscene support association digitale kultur e.V., for IAKM (Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kommunikation und Medien) which organises a yearly congress for communication workers in general, for the local Freundeskreis Filmmuseum Bendestorf e.V. and I am a member of GMK e.V. (Society for Media Education and Communication Culture).

And still I work for a few hours a week as a teacher at the special education school "Schule An Boerns Soll" in Buchholz in der Nordheide.

I´m also one of the repsonsible persons for our local film festival Heide-Wendland-Filmklappe.

I release Drone video footage if I find the time under the name "dr0n". I will soon publish and link my collection here and hope that you´ll like it. Stay tuned...

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